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Breast Implants and Explants - Dr Miguel Alfaro comments

18 October, 2019

Breast Implants and Explants – Dr Miguel Alfaro comments

Breast Implants & Explants – Dr Miguel Alfaro comments

“The concern with the association of breast implants and cancer began in 1995.  To this day there is no evidence of increased risk of breast cancer in women with breast implants.  What is important is the association of texturized implants and the anaplastic large cell lymphoma, although a case has been reported with smooth implants as well.  Over 414 cases of this type of cancer have been reported by the FDA in the USA over the past 10 years.  It is an extremely rare condition and it is described in the scar capsule, not in the breast or glandular tissue.  When diagnosed in time it is curable.

The potential autoimmune connective tissue disorders originated by the injection of paraffin, processed petroleum products and silicone containing injections has been described in Japanese literature since 1964.  Silicone induced human adjuvant disease is an autoimmune inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants and silicone implants.  In 2010, the association of breast implants and autoimmune disease was mentioned in the New England Journal of Medicine.    Fibromyalgia is included as one of these autoimmune diseases.  Rheumatic diseases have also been associated with silicone breast implants.  There are many studies and meta-analysis that have showed this association between silicone and autoimmune diseases, although some others do not.  The debate remains until today and more studies are needed to reach a definitive conclusion.

I recommend that patients who have breast implants have a frequent check up with their surgeon, gynecologist and/or family physician.  An ultrasound should be performed every 6 months and the patient should be aware of changes in the breast like swelling, pain, capsular contraction, deformities or a mass in the breast or scar.

The evidence of the safety of breast implants is well known, and the decision to have a breast augmentation, to keep the implants or remove them is entirely up to the patient after talking to her physician.  If a patient presents with any symptoms she should consult with her surgeon, internist or rheumatologist, according to the symptoms, and after a careful analysis and any necessary testing, make an informed decision.   If there are any problems that indicate that the implants should be removed or if the patient wishes to have them removed, the surgeon should proceed.  Some patients will only require the removal of the implants, others might need some kind of reconstruction, even a mastopexy or breast lift.  Each case is different and must be analyzed individually”

Dr. Miguel Alfaro

Thank you to Dr Miguel Alfaro for this informative article regarding Breast Implants and Explants. To read more about Dr Alfaro’s services or to send a direct inquiry to his clinic – please click here

Dr. Miguel Alfaro has been a plastic and reconstructive surgeon for over 35 years, treating both local and international patients.  He has performed thousands of surgical procedures that give him the confidence he needs to treat his patients for outstanding results in the safest manner possible.


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