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Digital Detox - Costa Rica #1

15 September, 2019

Digital Detox – Costa Rica #1

Costa Rica has been named the number 1 location worldwide as a Digital Detox Destination.

Travel Weekly (based on a recent Hayes and Jarvis study) just announced the Top 5 Destinations to Switch Off and have a Digital Detox.

Remember the days when traveling abroad meant leaving your responsibilities at home? Where the office could only reach you by a costly international phonemail to your hotel reception?

Vacations should be a time to recharge and rejuvenate, without the compulsion to check work emails, WhatsApp or to become embroiled in the dramas of life back home.

COSTA RICA is named the best destination worldwide for a digital detox, followed by Chile, Iceland, Colombia and Peru.

66% of the population has internet access but with 4G speeds of 8.82 Mbps you won’t be surfing the web quickly.

“Instead of being distracted by the internet, you could surf the waves or venture into the jungle. Costa Rica also has the highest percentage of parkland at 25%, higher than any other destination on the list, making it the perfect location to get back in touch with nature.”

So come to Costa Rica for your healthcare, wellness and Digital Detox!

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