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Flash teeth whitening for just $200!

Flikier Teeth Whitening
22 October, 2019

Flash teeth whitening for just $200!

Flash teeth whitening for just $200!

I love having white teeth, but I do not love the process. I have sensitive teeth and my previous two laser whitening experiences I had to stop as it was just too painful.

Still I love the speed of laser whitening as I’m not too disciplined with bleaching tray systems.

So recently whilst I was researching teeth whitening for a patient, I came across this well-priced whitening at one of our top dentists in Costa Rica – Flikier Dental Institute. Knowing this to be a quality establishment (obviously, as they are part of our Directory!), I knew that despite the great price, there would be real quality in this treatment and that I would be in good hands.

I was welcomed into the chair overlooking the sunshine and orchids in the garden, with some music playing in the background – a dental spa experience.

Firstly one of Dr Flikier’s team took moulds for the bleaching trays. I was a little confused and explained I was there for the Laser, but the treatment includes a week of bleaching trays so you can go whiter and brighter as you wish in just one hour a day in the comfort of your home. This is all included in the $200!

Dr Flikier attended me personally with another of his dentists. He took time to explain that he just brought the Flash equipment in from Germany 6 months ago and its the very latest equipment for teeth whitening.

The treatment uses cold laser, rather than hot so it doesn’t inflame the nerves and cause pain.

The treatment is also for a shorter period of time – 3 consecutive sessions of 10 mins, rather than the usual 15 minute sessions.

After a quick clean up (I had my teeth cleaned by my regular dentist the day before, but you can choose to add this service before whitening), the protective sunglasses were on, a comfortable lip and gum protector was fitted (not unpleasant or too much stretching), and then just sit back and admire the orchids!

The team at Flikier all spoke English and provided a very professional and attentive service. Most importantly it didn’t hurt at all!

Highly recommend and I’m delighted with the results!

Dr Flikier and his team provide many more services apart from teeth whitening – Dental implants, All on 4, Full Mouth Reconstruction, Smile Design, Veneers, Crowns and more.

To contact Dr Flikier directly to book your whitening or for any other dental needs click Contact Provider here.


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